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SKF floating piston for WP and Ohlins shocks is a replacement to their OEM gas to oil separator which is present in the reservoir of those shocks. OEM separator is normally built with a rigid plastic or metal body surrounded with a thick O-ring sealing into the reservoir body. This type of design causes significant friction against vertical movement of the separator, making it difficult for the shock to react to small high frequency bump absorption. SKF Floating piston is designed to replace OEM separator without having to replace the OEM reservoir design. The SKF floating piston is made using the SKF special low friction compound. It features two sealing lips against the reservoir walls for perfect seal and separation between oil and gas. Moreover the central portion of the piston membrane is designed with a level of flexibility. The SKF Floating piston equipped reservoir allows for increased reactivity of the shock in absorbing high frequency small bumps and in following the oil transfers from/to the body from/to the reservoir. The flexible center membrane starts deforming first, anticipating the complete piston movement, thus enhancing the shock reactivity to small bump absorption.


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